Crossfader Node

Standard linear crossfader with two inputs, used to mix between 2 audio (or control) signals with an adjustable transition.


Audio/Control Input A

Audio/Control line to use when Alpha is towards 0.

Audio/Control Input B

Audio/Control line to use when Alpha is towards 1.

Alpha-control Input

Control input to automate the Alpha setting, from 0 to 1.
This input can be toggled from the Node settings panel.



Sets the crossfader “position”. Values towards 0 put more of A into the mix, values towards 1 more of B.

Fade mode

Sets the crossfade effect to use.

  • Gain crossfade: use gain-wise linear crossfade between A and B.
  • Filter crossfade: use low-pass filter on A and high-pass filter on B with the same frequency.


Mix Output

The mixed audio/control inputs.

Technical details

When Fade mode is gain, this node performs a per sample linear interpolation: A * (1 - alpha) + B * alpha.

When Fade mode is filter, a center frequency between 10 Hz and 22 kHz, based on the alpha setting is determined. A low-pass filter with this frequency is used on A, and a high-pass filter with the same frequency on B.