Recorder Node

The Recorder Node is a utility Node to record an audio signal manually. It’s ideal for recording the audio signal from e.g. the Audio Input Node. You can then save the recorded audio to a file, and optionally reopen it using e.g. an Audio File Node.

Note: if you are looking to export your entire project to an audio file, check out the export tool, which you can access from the main menu (top left corner), then Project, Export. It has a lot more options, and is the recommended way to export (or render) your project to an audio file.


Recording a piece of audio with this Node is a 3-step process:

  1. Create a Recorder Node, and then connect the audio signal to record to its only input
  2. Open the Recorder Node’s properties panel, then hit record (the properties panel is accessible by right clicking the Node on desktop, or tapping the Node on touch screen, then tapping the Gear button in the header)
  3. Once you recorded everything you needed, hit Stop, and then finally Save your project

Note: the Recorder Node does not keep its results inside the Node, so it must be saved to a file. If the Node is deleted or AudioNodes is restarted, the recording will be gone. Also keep in mind, that recording again will immediately clear any previous results.


Audio Input

An audio signal to record. This can be a live audio signal, such as the output from the Audio Input Node. The number of channels in this signal determines the number of channels in the recording automatically.



When enabled, this setting will apply peak-normalization to the recorded audio, meaning the loudest parts of the recording will be 0 dB. This is useful to avoid clipping distortion in the result. Normalization is applied when recording finishes, and should be enabled in advance if needed.

Trim silence

When enabled, this setting will remove silence from the beginning & the end of the recording. Trimming is applied when recording finishes, and should be enabled in advance if needed.

Start recording on play

When enabled, the Recorder Node will start recording automatically when you start project playback (i.e. when you click play in the header).

Warning: when recording starts, this setting will clear any previously recorded audio. This includes starting recording automatically from this setting.


Audio Output

Plays back the recorded audio during project playback. However, it’s in the process of being removed in favor of another playback mechanism. Avoid using it in new projects if possible.

Technical Details

Currently, this Node records into memory. For longer recordings, with a high channel count and/or high sample rate, it may result in significant memory use.