Oscillator Node

Table of Contents

The oscillator produces a single periodic waveform of the specified shape and a specified pitch, such as a sine wave.

To listen to the audio output, connect to an Audio Destination Node.

To drive audio output with a melody, use the Melodic Oscillator Node instead.

Inputs #

Frequency-controlA Control input to automate the Frequency setting, in Hz, from 0+ Hz to the Nyquist frequency. You can toggle this input from the Node settings panel.
Detune-controlA Control input to automate the Detune setting, in cents. You can toggle this input from the Node settings panel.

Settings #

FrequencySets the oscillator’s frequency, in Hz.
DetuneSets the oscillator’s detune, in cents. This setting is applied after the Frequency setting, and is primarily used for automation.
Wave typeSets the oscillator’s wave type.

Outputs #

AudioThe produced audio stream.
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