Tracks On Timeline

Tracks on the Timeline are simply lines containing node Clips. Each Track – which contains Clips – is related to one single node, meaning that the Track displayed label is similar to the node title. So, when the node is deleted, related Track will be deleted as well.

Editing Tracks

Open the menu with the options “…” button at the right, the following options are available:

  • Select: Initially, selecting a track forms a group with only this track in it. See further details below.
  • Swap up / Swap down: If the track is at position 1, “Swap up” is disabled because there is nothing above to swap with.
  • Move to start / Move to end: The track is moved to the beginning or end of the timeline. If the track is at position 1 or at the end of the timeline already, these options are disabled accordingly.
  • Mute: mutes every Clip in the Track. When Clips are dragged to another Track, they remain muted. The article about Clips has more details about mute behavior
Multi-Select Tracks

“Select” is the first option in the above menu. If at least one track is selected, the tracks panel is altered slightly; checkboxes are displayed to add more tracks to the selection. The menu is a bit different than for single Track edition.