Channel Merger Node

Merges multiple single-channel (mono) audio or control signals into a single, multi-channel signal. Use this Node in conjunction with the Channel Splitter Node to produce rich stereo experiences, by applying different effects to different channels.


This node has a configurable number of audio (or control) inputs. See the Number of channels setting. The individual channels are interpreted based on the number of channels used, see Channel Matching & Mixing. Inputs on this Node only support single-channel (mono) sources. If a source with more than 1 channel is connected (e.g. a stereo source), the extra channels will be down-mixed automatically to mono.


Number of Channels

The number of inputs to create on the Node. If set to a number lower than the current number of connections, superfluous connections are automatically cut.


Audio Output

An audio (or control) signal, composed of individual channels from the Channel Merger Node’s inputs.