Melody Scale Node

It alters incoming notes to conform to a chosen scale. It proves highly beneficial when the objective is to ensure the created melody sounds harmonious.


Melody Input

The Melody in which notes are to be altered.



The base note of the scale (from C to B respectively).

Scale type

Indicates the primary group of scales, such as minor, major, pentatonic.

Scale name

Indicates the exact scale, such as lydian, mixolydian, harmonic.

Align notes to (nearest available)

Notes’ pitches that are not present in the chosen scale are replaced with the closest step in the scale. For example, in the case of a pentatonic major scale with a C base (C D E G A C), incoming notes of the musical note F are replaced with:

  • Lower available (in this case, with E), or
  • Higher available (in this case, with D)


Melody Output

The Melody with the processed notes.

Node conversions

★ With AudioNodes HD

Node conversion is available from the node menu.

Convert to: Step Alter Node

Since both nodes alter incoming notes according to the chromatic step musical system, the conversion is quite simple: step alterations are fully transferred to the new node’s state, along with the base setting.

Tip: this conversion might be meaningful when scale customization is desired, because the original node operates with fixed scales.

Similar Nodes

  • Note Override Node – also overrides notes, but by applying the same pitch, velocity or length values to each and every notes.