Abs Value Node

The Absolute Value Node returns the absolute value of a signal. That is, negative signals (more precisely, negative samples in the signal) are multiplied by -1 to become positive.

This is also called full-wave rectification in circuits and some modular synths.


Audio/Control Input

The signal to convert to its absolute value.

You typically use the Absolute Value Node with control signals to create more advanced control setups. However, you can also use it on an audio signal without issue, resulting in a relatively soft distortion in the output, depending on the amount of DC offset present in the source input.

If your source has more than 1 channel, the absolute value is computed independently for each channel.


Audio/Control Output

The absolute value of the Audio/Control Input. That is, with all negative samples multiplied by -1 to be positive.

The channel count is the same as the input channel count.

Similar Nodes

  • The Clamp Node is also useful to filter out negative samples from a signal, by clamping them to a minimum/maximum range (e.g. replace negative samples with 0)