A Glimpse On The Piano Roll

The editor can be accessed through the Piano Roll Node‘s full screen component. It offers sophisticated solutions for MIDI note editing, making it fair to say that it is currently the most detailed editor associated with a specific node in AudioNodes.

Note: If the aim is to create simple sequences, such as drums or repetitive rhythms, it might be worth considering sequencer-type nodes like the Sequencer Node or Drum Sequencer Node. Those nodes feature a much simpler user interface tailored for more straightforward purposes.

Editor parts
  • Header: A place for quick actions like recording, enabling/disabling repeat loop, and accessing editor settings.
  • Pitch marks panel: Displays note pitch for each line. Clicking or tapping it will play a note at the given pitch.
  • Notes editor: Main part where note edition happens.
  • Velocity editor: Editing placed notes velocity.