MIDI Input Node

Listens to raw data from external MIDI hardware, enabling you to connect MIDI controllers in a various configurations. Incoming values can be observed on the value meter (see iton properties panel & patcher object.)


MIDI device

MIDI device to listen.


MIDI channel on which the device is listened.

The Channel setting can be set automatically by clicking on the Listen to message button, and then sending MIDI data from your external hardware (for example, by turning a knob or pressing a button on it).


It has two preset options, these might be emitted very frequently by MIDI devices:

  • Pitch wheel (224)
  • Control change (176)

MIDI behavior can be further customized by selecting the Custom option here, then fine-tuning settings for data interpretation, filtering etc. metrics.


Value Output

The raw MIDI value, normalized into the [0, 1] range.


As partially stated above, MIDI channel 224 is often used by MIDI Keyboard hardware as a “Pitch bend” control; MIDI channel 176 is often used as a “Modulate” control. This can be useful when a MIDI Keyboard Node is used with a device supporting these controls. You can test this by clicking the Listen to message button, and then using Pitch bend or Modulate on your device.

Technical details

MIDI devices can send/receive integer values from 0 to 127 (both inclusive). The output value is simply the raw MIDI value divided by 127.