Noise Generator Node

The Noise Generator Node, as its name implies, generates noise, or more specifically, a noise-based output. You can use it to generate a single sound, or play multiple sounds based on a source melody. It’s a basic building block for some synthesized percussion hits, wind ambiences, and similar sounds.

To listen to the audio output, connect to an Audio Destination Node (and play your project).


Melody Input

Melody controlled mode only

A Melody input to control the Node.

The Noise Generator Node plays a sound for each note in the source Melody, applying ADSR on a per-note basis, with unlimited polyphony.

This input is only available in Melody controlled mode. Consequently, if you connect a melody signal to this input while it’s disabled, it’ll automatically set the Mode setting to Melody controlled, enabling the input in the process.


Noise Type

The type of noise to generate.

As the name of each option implies, White Noise generates full spectrum white noise of equal power at all frequencies, and Pink Noise and Brown Noise each generate noise where the power on the audio spectrum is inversely proportional to the frequency.

In simpler terms, White Noise is louder in higher frequencies, and Pink Noise and Brown Noise are more quiet towards higher frequencies (brown noise even more so than pink noise).


Controls when the noise is generated:

  • Continuous noise: outputs a single, continuous noise during playback.
  • Melody controlled: plays a burst of noise for each note in the connected source melody. This mode enables the Melody Input.
Channel Count

★ With AudioNodes HD

Sets the number of individual noise channels in the output.


★ With AudioNodes HD

Sets the seed for the internal random number generator. Different values generate different noise, although the end result will be essentially the same to the ear, unless the played note (in Melody controlled mode) is extremely short (sub-milliseconds). See the technical details section.


The White Noise Node applies an AHDSR (Attack-Hold-Decay-Sustain-Release) envelope to each sound played, configurable through a visual editor. In Continuous Noise mode (see below), the Node applies the AHDSR to the single continuous sound, in its entirety.


Audio Output

The generated noise.

Technical Details

The Noise Generator Node pre-generates its noise when created, or when some of its settings change. Then plays this noise back.

The generated noise is predictable and deterministic. The output, given the same settings, is always the same, even across Nodes. The Variation setting lets you influence this.

Similar Nodes

  • The Bitcrusher Node, when its Bit Depth setting is low enough, adds noise to the audio signal, similar to what the Noise Generator Node outputs.