Features on Piano Roll

Alongside manual note and velocity editing, the editor offers several features to add or modify notes.


★ With AudioNodes HD

When pressed, the start time of every note becomes aligned with the grid division. The Q hotkey can also be used.

Quantize rhythm mode

★ With AudioNodes HD

It defines how the quantization algorithm aligns notes with grid divisions, observing the start timestamp. Options are:

  • Nearest
  • Lower nearest
  • Upper nearest
Randomize velocity

★ With AudioNodes HD

When pressed, random velocity values between the pre-defined minimum and maximum (see below) are assigned to notes.

Velocity min / max for randomization

★ With AudioNodes HD

Threshold values used to define the minimum and maximum values when velocity randomization is applied.


The Piano Roll Node can record live play through its Melody input. If a source with a live Melody is connected (such as a MIDI Keyboard Node), click or tap the Record button in the “dropdown” section of the header when the Piano Roll is open. This will start recording as soon as the connected input updates (e.g. by pressing a key on a connected MIDI keyboard). When finished, simply click or tap the Record button again.

Note: melody preprocessing can be applied to the input before it reaches the Piano Roll Node. For example, to automatically record each note from a keyboard as a chord, connect your Melody source through a Component Extension Node.