Formant Filter Node

The Formant Filter Node provides pre-configured filters, to mimic various vowel sounds from natural human speech, usable by simply selecting a vowel. You can use this effect, for example, to create rich, choir-like synth sounds.

This effect usually works best with complex audio sources, where there is plenty of audible content left after the filters are applied.



An audio signal to which the effect is applied. This should be a complex (or even noisy) audio signal, with a broad frequency spectrum, so that there is plenty of audio left after the filters have been applied.



Sets which pre-configured group of filters to use, and thus which vowel to mimic.

Sequence mode

In this articulation case, the node uses a custom built sequence of vowels for filtering.

Seq. step duration

Sequence articulation mode only – ★ with AudioNodes HD

Specifies the length of time for each vowel in the sequence.

Seq. transition smooth

Sequence articulation mode only – ★ with AudioNodes HD

Only available in sequence articulation mode. It softens or strengthens the transition between individual vowels. The higher the value, the smoother the transition.

Reset on play

Sequence articulation mode only

When set, sequence will start at the beginning after every playback initiation.

BPM sync

Sequence articulation mode only

When set. vowel steps durations are interpreted as beats.



The audio signal result, with filtering applied. Compared to the input audio signal, the output is often significantly quieter overall. This is because filtering attenuates and removes parts of the audio spectrum, to mimic the selected formant.

You can compensate for this by raising the output signal’s volume, using a Gain Node.