Markers On Timeline

★ With AudioNodes HD

Markers are displayed above the track lines and are played at their respective time markers. They are typically used to mark different parts of the music, facilitating the editing process. Additionally, they can influence playback by serving as selected start and end points for looping.

Adding Markers

Just right-click (or long-tap for touch devices) on the time markers header to open the new marker properties dialog. By default, you can add a single marker, but if you choose a repeat unit, multiple markers will be placed up to the end of the project.

Editing Markers

Right-click (or long-tap for touch devices) on the marker, to open the marker properties dialog. You can change the name and the position, and also can make the marker a starting or an ending point for a timeline loop.

Note: unlike the Snap to grid option, which is a user preference related to the editor, timeline markers are part of the project itself. This means that if you open the project in another editor instance, they will be there as well.