Memory Bit Node

Outputs 0 or 1, toggle-able through a trigger input. When the trigger input receives a value above the trigger threshold, the output is toggled. The Node will remember its output while it remains placed and AudioNodes open.


Trigger Input

This control input toggles output, as specified by the Trigger mode setting.


Trigger mode

Sets how the Trigger input toggles output.

  • Toggle: the output is toggled when Trigger input increases above 0, but remains unchanged otherwise (e.g. while the input is steadily above 0).
  • Signed-toggle: the output is set to 0 when the Trigger input becomes negative, and set to 1 when Trigger Input becomes positive, but remains unchanged otherwise (e.g. while the input is either steadily above 0 or steadily below 0).

Sets the minimum distance from zero for input to count as a non-zero value (exclusive). For example, if set to 0.1, output will only toggle when input goes above 0.1 (or below 0.1 for signed toggle).

Auto reset

When set, reset output to 0 before starting playback.


Value Output

The current value of the Node (0 or 1), emits control type values.

Technical details

This Node has up to 256 samples of latency.

Limitations & Known Issues

Currently, latency can occasionally increase above 256 samples during live playback, when a heavier task is being carried out in AudioNodes. This problem is not present when rendering to a file from the Export page. Extremely short spikes in the Trigger input may occasionally not take effect (such as those caused by an audible audio signal).