LFO Node

Table of Contents

Low-frequency oscillator, used to automate the parameters of other Nodes.

Inputs #

Frequency-controlA Control input to automate the Frequency setting, in Hz, from 0+ Hz to the Nyquist frequency. This input can be toggled from the Node settings panel.

Settings #

FrequencySets the oscillator frequency, in Hz.
Phase shiftSets oscillator initial phase shift, in full periods. Maximum value is 1, which means a whole period.
Output value mix.Minimum value of the periodic wave/function.
Max value.Maximum value of the periodic wave/function.
Wave typeSets the oscillator’s wave type (sine, sawtooth, square, triangle, etc.).
Always onWhen set, the LFO runs continuously, instead of starting on playback.

Outputs #

ControlLFO value.
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