Stereo Panner Node

The Stereo Panner Node is a simple, equal-power stereo panner, used to balance or move a stereo audio signal towards the left or right channel.


Audio Input

A stereo audio signal to pan. This input only supports a stereo signal, other signals will be automatically up-mixed or down-mixed.

Pan-Control Input

A control signal to automate the Pan setting. The control signal should go from -1 to 1, where -1 means a 100% pan towards the left, and 1 means a 100% pan towards the right, and a 0 means no change at all.

You can toggle this input from node properties, or by connecting to it.



Sets the pan amount, from 100% left to 100% right. A full left pan mutes the right channel, and vice-versa.


Audio Output

The audio signal with the stereo pan applied. This is always a stereo output, regardless of input.

Technical Details

This Node only supports 2 channels, and any additional channels are removed from the output. For example, a quad-channel input will be downgraded to a stereo output.

This Node has no effect on single-channel (mono) audio signals.