Node Panel

The Node Panel allows for editing node parameters. To open it, right-click – or alternatively, double-clicking – the node object on the Patcher and selecting Properties. On touch devices, holding down a tap also opens the panel.

Node Panel Menu

The Node Panel Menu can be opened by clicking / tapping the more “…” button. It has many shared config options between nodes such as:

  • Rename Node: customize the node’s display name; when a node does not have a user-defined name, it displays a default title (notice Gain Node in the screenshot)
  • Node Docs: opens the related documentation page
Custom options

Nodes are capable to define custom options, such as:

  • Convert Node: the mostly present custom option, with one or more node types being the target one. For example, Convert to Lowpass … is an option available in Highpass Filter Node panel menu.
  • Reset [values]: very common if the node has a collection of steps, such as the Sequencer Node, having the Reset steps option on node panel menu. It restores step values from the initial state of the node.
  • Randomize [values]: also ideal for a set of values. For instance, the Envelope Pattern Node‘s randomization is highly customizable. Clicking the “…” button on the Randomize menu option opens a dialog where you can set the min/max random values and choose the envelope point types for randomization.