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Envelope Editor

The Envelope Editor is a simple, vector-based tool to create automation envelopes, curves, etc. It appears in various shapes from the Envelope Node on the Timeline to the curve editor of the Wave Shaper Node.

Control points

The Envelope Editor is based on a series of inter-connected control points that together define the shape of an envelope/curve.
Creating or modifying an Envelope is done by creating and editing its component control points.

Creating a control point

To create a control point, simply click on an empty area of an envelope editor (tap on touch screens).

Moving a control point

Simply drag and move a control point to move it around the editor.
The control point can be moved across other control points, the envelope’s shape will automatically adjust.

Editing and deleting a control point

Right click on a control point to bring up its menu (press and hold on touch screens).
This will allow you setting its curve, time, and value, as well as to delete the point.

Changing the curve of a control point

By right clicking a control point, its curve type can be set (such as Linear or Quadratic). This defines the line between the given control point and the previous one. Some curve types (such as the quadratic and cubic) allow bending the preceding line by dragging the hollow circle halfway through the current point and the previous one.

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